Healthy Lunch Ideas

"What am I going to make for lunch today?"  Ah, the dreaded question we ask ourselves as parents each morning. Below are some great websites that offer some healthy, creative, but simple lunch ideas. Some are good enough that you might just pack the same lunch for yourself!

Family Fresh Meals

Super Healthy Kids Meal Planning

Momables (has lots of options for gluten-free & other allergy-related diets)


Build A Healthy Lunch

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Picky Eaters

There is nothing more frustrating than taking the time to prepare a meal that your child simply refuses to eat. Here are some resources to help a picky eater become a more adventurous eater:

How to Help the Picky Eater

How to End Mealtime Battles Forever

How to Handle Picky Eaters

Cook with Your Child

Sometimes the best way to help your child eat new and healthy foods is to involve them in the cooking process. Let them help you wash the fruit, spread the jam, measure, pour and mix ingredients. These are great sensory experiences for them and help develop fine motor skills. They will also get a sense of accomplishment knowing they helped prepare the food they are eating!