Your Child's Development

Harmony strives to work alongside each family to provide the highest quality of care for each of our students. Every child is different. They learn in different ways and at different speeds. You cannot compare your child to others in their class. Instead take a minute and look through the resources below for more information on where your child should be developmentally at each age and stage.

Zero-to-Three: An extremely helpful website that provides info regarding ages and stages, managing behavior, infant sleep and nutrition and parenting resources.

Developmental Checklist: This is a tool that you can use as a parent to understand and track your child's cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. Our teachers will use this assessment to help them understand areas they can help support your child's development.

Birth to 18 Months

Breastfeeding Resources: Harmony welcomes breastfed babies! Our infant staff is trained in the handling and storage of breast milk. We also provide an area for mothers to nurse or express milk during the day. is also a fantastic breastfeeding resource with great tips for when things get difficult.

Infant Nutrition: USDA sponsored website which outlines all aspects of infant nutrition.

Our Pinterest page has many fun infant activities and interactive play ideas too!

18 - 36 Months

Toddlers are fun and energetic. They are learning to explore their surroundings and also how to communicate with others.