Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How early/late can I drop off or pick up my child?

A: Regular program hours are 9am-4pm. We do offer extended care from 7-9am and 4-6pm.

Q: My child has never been in a program before and I am nervous about separation anxiety. How do you handle a situation like that?

A: We are very comfortable integrating a child with separation anxiety into our program. We would be happy to speak with you before enrolling your child to develop a plan of action to prepare you and your child for his/her first school experience. We have a variety of different methods that can be used in the classroom and at home to help ease your child's anxiety.

Q: Do you provide lunch for full day students?
A: We provide (2) snacks for students enrolled in the full day program. Full day students must bring their own lunch. Each classroom has a refrigerator that may be used to keep lunches cool. Our Toddler, Preschool and Pre-K classes have microwaves to heat up lunches. 

Q: What kind of snacks do you offer?
A: Our snack menu has been approved by both a nutritionist and the Office of Children and Family Services. We offer a fruits, vegetables, milk, cereal and crackers. 

Q: Is Harmony a peanut-free environment?

A: At this time, Harmony is not a peanut-free school. However, we do not serve any nut products for snack.

Q: How do you handle a child with food or other allergies?

A: Parents must inform us of any allergies a child has upon enrollment. All known allergies are clearly posted in the classroom. Teachers are informed and will make sure child is not served food they cannot have. If it is necessary to keep medications or an EPI pen at school, a Medical Consent Form must be completed by your child's physician every 6 months.

Q: How is music incorporated into your program?
A: Music is an integral part of our program. Teachers use songs at circle time and to help students transition from clean up, snack, washing hands, etc. There are Music Stations in every classroom for students to explore during free play. Soothing music is also played during rest time.

Q: What do I have to send my child with if he is enrolled in a full day program?
A: A supply list will be provided upon registration. Each full-day student must bring their own lunch daily and a sheet/blanket for rest time the first day of the week.

Q: What are your classroom ratios?

A: We follow the NYS OCFS Regulations:

           Infants:                 4 students: 1 teacher

           Toddler:                5 students: 1 teacher

           Preschool/Pre-K:  7 students: 1 teacher

Q: My child receives early intervention services, can he/she still attend?

A: Yes. We can accommodate special services as long as your child's therapist is able to push-in to the classroom. We do have a separate space for your child and therapist to meet.

Q: What is your Behavior Management Policy?

A: You can view our Behavior Management Policy by clicking here.

Q: How is tuition billed?
A: Tuition is billed monthly and must be paid on the 1st of the month. We accept cash, personal checks, or credit cards.