Outdoor Play Policy

Children need to play outside every day, even in Winter. Going outside to run, jump, yell, and wiggle allows children to use and improve their gross motor skills and work off extra energy they may have. Playing in the fresh air is healthier than keeping students in a closed building where germs can easily spread.

National and state health and wellness best practice standards recommend daily outdoor play for young children. New York State Office of Child & Family Services Regulation 418.7(k) states:

“Daily supervised outdoor play is required for all children in care, except during inclement or extreme weather or unless otherwise ordered by a health care provider.”

There may be days that your child plays outdoors at Harmony when you would normally keep them indoors at home. We understand that each parent may have a different threshold for what they consider “inclement weather.”  That is why we use these state guidelines to determine appropriate weather for outdoor play. Please note that students are kept inside if we feel the conditions are unsafe.Also, extra precaution is taken with the infant class.

The amount of time spent outside varies by day and temperature. In very cold weather, students are outside for no longer than 10 minutes. Because we must maintain teacher/student ratios at all times, it is not always possible to keep a single child inside when a parent feels it is too cold.

Dress for the Weather

Because NYS Regulations require us to take the children outside to play every day, be sure to send your child with proper clothes for winter outdoor play — winter coat, hats, scarves, mittens, as well as snow pants, boots, and a change of clothes on snowy days. Feel free to leave an extra pair of mittens and hat to be kept at school throughout the winter in case you think you might forget to bring them back daily.

Please note: We have some spare winter clothing items on hand in case a child forgets. However, due to limited staff and the need to stay in ratio, we are not always able to hold a child inside because they do not have a hat or mittens. If we notice a child does not have appropriate winter clothing we will double check their backpack/cubby and sibling’s backpack/cubby for missing items before going outside. We will also send a reminder to send those items for the next day.

** All clothing items must be labeled with child’s name**

Sick Child Policy

Tis the season for colds and the flu!

It is very important that we work together and keep sick children at home to prevent the spread of colds, stomach bugs, influenza and other communicable illnesses. According to New York State, students MUST stay home/be sent home for the following:

- Fever of 100.3 or higher **

- Uncontrollable coughing, wheezing and/or difficulty breathing

- Diarrhea (2 or more instances in 24 hours)

- Vomiting (2 or more instances in 24 hours)

- Rash with fever

- Pink Eye (until treatment has been started)

- Strep Throat (until 24 hours with antibiotic treatment)

** Students with a fever may not return to school until 24 hours have passed with no fever.

Stay in touch with Lillio!

Harmony uses the Lillio App. Using a digital platform makes communication between the parent and the teacher easier and more efficient. Parents receive daily reports for their children along with pictures and videos throughout the day! Our teachers also enter information about the lesson and activities the students participated in along with a log of diapers/potty, meals, naps, etc.

The free Lillio app can be easily downloaded from your apple or android app store.

For more information, please visit the Lillio website.